Everything perfectly in sight and under control - for the highest demands.

ensolma also makes customized X-ray protection windows and shutters for use with its special door systems as well as pass-through boxes for the operational theaters that meet the highest requirements for protection against X-rays, hygiene and hermetic sealing.

Well thought-out down to the last detail and tailored to your individual requirements, they also meet all the relevant standards and guidelines, of course. Our solutions can be adapted perfectly to your space and will impress you with their design and functionality.

ensolma X-ray protection window

With ensolma’s X-ray protection windows with fixed glazing, you can see what's happening while reliably protecting yourself and your employees from excessive X-ray exposure. These windows are mostly used as an add-on to ensolma’s X-ray protection doors, but they are also compelling choices for individual solutions or retrofitting. They offer equivalent protection to X-ray protection walls and doors. 

ensolma X-Ray protection shutters

ensolma X-Ray protection shutters feature a simple design, clever functionality.  X-ray shutters provide multiplicity of X-ray radiation attenuation equivalent to 0.5 - 3.5 mm Pb (at 100 kV tube voltage). X-ray shutters can cover  the whole area of the window opening, and part of the window. Swing and sliding X-ray shutters can have single or double-leaves. Sliding shutters suspended on a rail above the window opening and moved along the window.

Each shutters is tailored to your individual wishes.They can be painted in RAL colours or made of stainless steel and meet the highest hygiene requirements, are easy to clean and disinfect and offer an airtight seal.

ensolma hermetically pass-through boxes

ensolma pass-through boxes are setting the standard. Due to their extremely compact and functional design, they meet every requirement: hermetically sealed, hygienic and, above all, easy to operate. 

The ensolma hermetic sealing ensures a perfect seal and the overall design ensures that the air pressure in each room remains constant during operation. The ensolma filter technology and the perfectly finished surfaces, optionally powder-coated in RAL colours or in stainless steel, ensure optimal hygienic conditions and disinfection. The focus is on making them easy to use. 

If necessary, the material hatches can be equipped to protect against X-rays. 

Key features

  • Box sizes are made to order
  • Maximum pressure resistance compensation up to 1000 pa
  • Class H14 HEPA filters in the supply and exhaust air ducts of the ventilation system
  • Electromagnetic door locking system
  • Differential pressure sensors installed on the filters to control the degree of contamination
  • Indicator for the pressure inside the box