Developed with a passion for precision

ensolma’s tailor-made precision doors for clean rooms and rooms requiring radiation protection offer outstanding quality and well-conceived solutions down to the smallest detail. Over 30 years of experience in technology and development of radiation protection doors guarantee the optimal door system for every project. 

ensolma’s Pneumatic Actuator ePA is a top-of-its-class drive solution for sliding door systems that offers certain unique advantages over electric drives. Thanks to the unique ePA technology, pneumatically driven ensolma door systems remain fully functional even if there’s a temporary power failure. Of course, we also offer reliable electric drives, especially for swing doors.

With our sliding doors we make a basic distinction between hanging and floor-guided door units. The ensolma Folding Floor (eFF) system which we developed in-house to ensure a long service life guarantees a threshold-free passage for heavy, floor-guided door systems that can be used directly while offering the highest level of radiation protection. For hanging radiation protection doors, the door threshold can be raised and lowered automatically to ensure perfect all-round protection.

With our portfolio of hermetically sealed doors, X-ray protection doors and heavy radiation protection doors, we also meet any and all requirements for areas that require special protection. We use ensolma’s extensive expertise to offer a wide range of options for the technical and visual design of our door systems that deliver both structurally perfect and aesthetically sophisticated solutions, whether your door system is hanging, floor-guided or swinging.

One thing is certain: you can always rely on ensolma for outstanding quality and perfect safety.

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Highlights of the ensolma door systems

ensolma door systems for hermetically sealed clean rooms and rooms requiring protection from radiation have a multitude of advantages that have been well thought out down to the smallest detail. The best craftsmanship in connection with a wide range of options for visual design and choice of materials guarantee the perfect solution for your application.

Well networked with safety

An important factor in the design of the door unit is the interaction with the various systems and devices in the application area (accelerator, fire alarm system, etc.).

ensolma door systems have interfaces that allow them to be flexibly integrated into your technical environment. This allows defined actions to be carried out according to your technical specifications in line with your requirements. 

Highly reliable

The pneumatic drives of the ensolma door systems are special and unique. They enable maximum reliability and safety over a wide temperature range, even in environments with high humidity and particulate levels. Due to their solid construction, the ePA pneumatic door drives developed and produced by ensolma offer very low maintenance costs and a long service life while still being able to open automatically even in the event of a power failure. Those are just some of their advantages.

Good advice

Our engineers and designers are a well-established team with many years of experience and a high level of expertise. We’re available to advise you on your project right from the start and will accompany it in all phases of its development from design and manufacture to installation and maintenance. Everything from a single source with the outstanding ensolma quality you’ll come to expect. 

Greatest protection possible

With specially developed sensors, ensolma ensures that obstacles when opening and closing the door systems are reliably detected. The sophisticated interaction of different sensors leads to a significant increase in safety that meets the requirements of DIN EN 16005:201301 and EN 16005:2012 (D). The multidimensional protection systems such as infrared and touch sensors ensure that any obstacle will be reliably detected even just before the doors are completely closed, causing the doors to reopen automatically or immediately stop operating.

Figure: (1) infrared light barrier; (2) sensor plates/anti-pinch protection; (3) radar sensor

Complete safety

The ensolma logo perfectly expresses what we mean by complete, all-round safety. It doesn't matter whether it's our hermetically sealed or radiation protection door systems, both are equally airtight. We deliver ground-breaking engineering solutions that close the gaps otherwise found on the market. There’s no longer any need to get used to such gaps or find ways to compensate for them with other technologies.
At ensolma, airtight means airtight. Door systems should not be potential weak points, but instead highly functional and reliable components in the room system. You will be amazed how we achieve this.