For the highest level of radiation protection.

For maximum security against nuclear gamma and neutron radiation and X-rays, ensolma door systems should be your first choice. They meet the highest radiation protection requirements, including DIN 6834-1:2012 for radiation protection doors. Our specialists have many years of expertise and experience developing and manufacturing custom solutions tailored exactly to your requirements.

We developed the ensolma Pneumatic Actuator ePA drive to power our ensolma door systems pneumatically while providing maximum radiation protection. This unique system will keep your ensolma door systems fully functional for maximum radiation protection even in the event of a temporary power failure.

We can supply either hanging or floor-guided sliding door systems. To ensure all-round radiation protection hanging doors are equiped with an automatic raised and lowered radiation shielding threshold. Floor-guided door systems are embedded in the floor to a depth of up to 80 cm and are equipped with the ensolma Folding Floor (eFF) system. This means the floor in the door opening area is always stable and completly safe. 

A sophisticated safety zone protected by infrared light and anti-trap protection also ensures the best possible protection for your employees. In addition, ensolma door systems for maximum radiation protection requirements can be diagnosed and maintained via a remote interface.

Features at a glance

ensolma radiation protection doors meet the relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 2014/30/EU on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as well as the EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:2018 and EN 16005:2013 standards. Depending on the application, they also meet local special and national standards. 

ensolma radiation protection doors provide reliable protection:

Protection against radioactive gamma/neutron radiation

Protection against X-ray radiation

Fire protection

Sound insulation


Design options for ensolma’s radiation protection doors:

Stainless steel

Steel powder-coated, optionally with silver particles for applications requiring maximum hygiene

HPL laminate

Real wood veneer


ensolma door drives for radiation protection doors:

Pneumatic (ensolma ePA)


Available constructions

Sliding doors with all-round radiation protection

ensolma hanging sliding door systems with automatic radiation protection threshold can be as much as 2 tonnes; floor-guided units with our automatic folding floor can be as heavy as 53 tonnes, both operated with our pneumatic drive. 

Swing doors with all-round radiation protection

ensolma swing door systems with automatic radiation protection threshold for maximum radiation protection are the perfect solution wherever the space does not allow the use of sliding doors.