Offering perfect safety meeting almost every requirement.

The high-quality sliding door systems from ensolma allow a wide range of applications. Our hermetically sealing door systems are setting standards for clean room access in clinics, research facilities and laboratories. Our radiation protection doors are protecting people in medical facilities and industrial settings from gamma and neutron radiation.

If hanging, ensolma sliding door systems can be as much as 2 tonnes; floor-guided units can be as heavy as 53 tonnes, both operated with the ensolma Pneumatic Actuator developed in-house. Thanks to this unique ePA system, ensolmadoor systems for radiation protection rooms , for example, remain fully functional even in the event of a temporary power failure. Even door units weighing tonnes can be easily moved without straining one’s muscles. The ensolma Folding Floor (eFF) system which we developed in-house to ensure a long service life guarantees a threshold-free passage for heavy, floor-guided door systems that can be used directly. For hanging radiation protection doors, the door threshold can be raised and lowered automatically to ensure perfect all-round protection. In addition, ensolma sliding door systems can be operated manually up to a weight of 200 kg and electrically up to 800 kg. Numerous visual design options are available for the product range. 

Each ensolma sliding door system is custom designed to your individual requirements, manufactured by us, installed at your site and serviced by us as required. All from a single source. 

Possible features at a glance

Depending on the type of use, the following features are available:

ensolma door systems provide reliable protection:

Protection against radioactive gamma/neutron radiation

Protection against X-ray radiation

Protection in a dust- and/or germ-free environment

Protection in a dust-free and/or germ-free environment and with radiation protection

Fire protection

Sound insulation


Extract from the design variants:

Stainless steel

Steel powder-coated, optionally with silver particles for applications requiring maximum hygiene


HPL laminate

Real wood veneer

Glass and view protection


The following door operators are available for selection:

pneumatic from 0 t to 53 t (ensolma ePA)

electric up to 800 kg

manually operated

Available constructions

Hanging sliding doors up to a maximum weight of 2 tonnes


Single-panel door systems with an opening up to 2.4 m wide can be used for most applications. 


Double-panel sliding doors from ensolma are ideal for large openings of up to 4.5 m.

Floor-guided sliding doors, especially for heavier weights

Stable and trip-free passage at all times

In heavy, floor-guided ensoma radiation protection doors, the door leaf overlaps the door cutout in all areas and thus also in the floor. The protective material of the door leaf is recessed 80 mm into the floor. A channel up to 300 mm wide in the floor is covered by the ensoma automatic folding floor (eFF). When the door is closed, the folding floor moves to the parking position of the door leaf and vice versa, when the door is opened, it is released from this parking position and placed on the floor. The special feature is that due to the eFF system there is always a stable floor in the door opening area, i.e. there is no tripping hazard and perfect safety is ensured during passage. The folding floor is designed for a load weight of up to 200 kg.